VPN for using torrents

With RocketVPN, you can download in a private manner, use torrents, share files (P2P) without leaving any traces and having no fear of being monitored Private IP VPN at a high speed of up to 1 Gbps - only $29.99 / month Maintaining no logs

With RocketVPN, you can download in a private manner, use torrents, share files (P2P) without leaving any traces and having no fear of being monitored

Private IP VPN at a high speed of up to 1 Gbps - only $29.99 / month
Maintaining no logs
Our proprietary code, network, and our own servers without involving third parties
Free download for servers from the Netherlands and Hong Kong

Advantages of downloading using RocketVPN?
Privacy is our priority, we strive to make the Internet safe and free again.

Private P2P downloading
Your service provider will be able to see just some unidentified encrypted data from your traffic. Providers and authorities will not monitor your actual connection to the Internet.

Maintaining speed
Many ISPs use DPI and throttle content. It can slow down video streaming and download speed. Encrypted VPN connection resists DPI and throttling.

Unlimited VPN for torrent downloading
Your VPN will not be limited by RocketVPN. You can always connect to any RocketVPN server without any restrictions or download files at the fastest VPN speeds worldwide.

Dynamic IP Addresses
RocketVPN supports a wide variety of IP addresses at every server location. That's why RocketVPN users use updated IPs to connect to any VPN server.

Buy private VPN for P2P now at the best price at your location
Please check our Starter special limited offer. Buy VPN account today and save 50%

RocketVPN pro
99.99 / month
$29.99 / month

Static Private IP (updated IP)
Dedicated Private VPN Node
Dedicated Bandwidth of 1 Gbps
20+ Concurrent connections
Includes Access to RocketVPN basic
L2TP / IPsec
Compare Protocols
Mac OS X
Windows Mac OS
iOS Android
DD-WRT Linux
You can pay using the following payment methods:

Locations and speeds of the RocketVPN network
We maintain a global, low latency high-speed scalable backbone network across the US, UK, Europe, Asia to Oceania.

Users in remote countries can download torrents without restrictions with RocketVPN servers (the list can be changed)

The Netherlands
The Best VPN for using torrents
We strongly recommend using a VPN to hide torrents as a prerequisite condition
You should have faced some serious issues concerning copyright if you are a constant torrent user. However, using RocketVPN, you can use torrent via VPN and hide your IP and location, thus bypassing any restrictions. Anonymous VPNs both secure your identity, and provide security of your web surfing. With RocketVPN, you can access various servers hiding torrents through a VPN and circumvent all boundaries including that of torrent platforms. RocketVPN provides SSL security through effective 256-bit encryption, unlimited bandwidth and unrestricted server switches that makes it the best-hidden VPN for high-speed p2p torrenting. Your privacy and anonymity is beyond all doubt the most crucial torrenting aspects our VPN considers. Our p2p VPN keeps the minimum of or no logs at all. RocketVPN constantly maintains your connection so as your IP is never visible, for example at BitTorrent or uTorrent. Thus you can freely download files with p2p or directly watch US/UK video channels using a VPN.

Some of our customers' feedbacks
We strive to offer the best VPN services by learning the needs of all our customers. So, you are welcome to send us your feedback and suggestions. Your experience is important for us.

Sometimes, I cannot find and watch the movies I want from non-English speaking countries and I use torrents for their downloading. I was always afraid of being noticed for illegal activities, but after starting using RocketVPN, I can freely download any movie in a secure manner.
Jimmy D. (lover of movies)
Date: 10.01.2019

For sure, RocketVPN is the best VPN for using torrents. It confidently hides my IP, so I am not afraid of getting caught. It was a real concern for me because of the strict torrenting regulations of the country I live in, but now I don't care. A VPN speed is really high.
Jenna S. (student)
Date: 20.12.2018

It is a real pleasure for me to download games I love through torrents, although their use is restricted. But since I use VPN, my IP is automatically hidden and I never care about what I am doing online - I even play games on the Internet through a VPN.

Gregory Z. (engineer)
Date: 18.08.2018
RocketVPN allowed me to use torrents and p2p at really high speeds, and that is great for me. Thank you very much for such a service your VPN provides. In addition, a great aspect is a low price, so I even save using RocketVPN.
Donald (anonymous)
Date: 2.02.2017

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