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After sending the application, your personal manager will contact you and complete an order.


How soon will I get the service?
Within 24 hours of payment
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All countries of the world, except for those where it is impossible to purchase a full-fledged virtual hosting
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You can connect up to 100 users to 1 server at the time

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After sending the application, your personal manager will contact you and complete an order.

RocketVPN is ISP of new digital generation. We have been working on network security scope since 2006. Our employees have large experience in the organization of secured private networks.

What a dedicated VPN is for? There are many situations where a dedicated or corporate VPN is a must!

You work in a large company which offices are located in different cities or even in different countries. And you need the network computers to be connected to the same corporate network as if they are located in the same building. When all services are located in one large network, it is much more convenient to organize effective work, because users located even 1000 miles from each other will be able to instantly exchange data and use all services of your single network.

You work in travels, and your projects require constant and reliable access to the network. There are restrictions on certain resources in different countries, which may get in the way of your full-fledged work.

You are concerned about the security of transmitted information through public Wi-Fi services. But through an encrypted VPN channel, attackers will not be able to access your data, because it is impossible to intercept such traffic.

Previously, solving such problems required expensive equipment and specialists to support their own VPN channels, which cost tens of thousands of dollars per month. Installing and configuring virtual network systems took a lot of time and resources.

Today, when there is RocketVPN Premium, this is not necessary. And prices for a personal or corporate VPN channel start at only $ 29.99 per month. Installation will take no more than 24 hours. If necessary, you can order a Web-interface for managing services, create your own network of servers, install hosting services. With our help, your business will be able to get high-quality services and a VIP level of technical support for the lowest price.

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