Privacy policy

Dynamic anonymous IP

Each time you connect to RocketVPN, your connection gets a dynamic IP address, which is one of 4000+ anonymous IP addresses in our pool. Therefore, your real IP address is masked and hidden until you disconnect the VPN connection. This is completely unpredictable for the 6,000 IP addresses in the dynamic pool that you receive each time you connect to the VPN server, so no one can know for sure whether you were connected with a specific IP address. Therefore, if you need to hide an IP address using a VPN to mask an IP address, this is a smart choice.

Data protection and encryption

All personal information, public and private keys, passwords are stored in encrypted form using reliable cryptographic algorithms. Appropriate security measures are taken to protect this information from unauthorized access, unauthorized alteration, destruction or disclosure of data.

Fully owned equipment for flexibility

RocketVPN was launched to provide reliable and flexible VPN services for users around the world, manage your own network and equipment ownership to ensure your privacy and high speed.

Collection of personal information

Personal information is used by RocketVPN to better understand your needs and interests, conduct business, improve and develop our business, personalize communications, improve service and provide a quality experience for users of the site and services of RocketVPN. We do not transfer, sell, or rent your personal information to third-party companies or others, except for providing the products or services you have requested.


19.99 $ /1 month

No discount

Try the quality and advantages of our service for 1 month.


29.99 $ /3 months

55% off

All your devices under the reliable protection of the encrypted VPN channel within 3 months.


39.99 $ /6 months

65% off

No matter where you are, all websites and services are available for you 24/7


49.99 $ /1 year

80% off

For only $4.2 per month, charged single time at 1 year, you get maximum open resources as well as secure access to the internet from anywhere in the world.

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