Router setup

Here is a video with typical settings for any router.


Our service provides assistance services for setting up routers, most brands and models that support connecting to vpn services.

Send us a request through the support section in your personal account, or write to for assistance.


9.99 $ /1 month

No discount

Try the quality and advantages of our service for 1 month.


14.99 $ /3 months

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All your devices under the reliable protection of the encrypted VPN channel within 3 months.


19.99 $ /6 months

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No matter where you are, all websites and services are available for you 24/7


29.99 $ /1 year

75% off

For only $2.49 per month, charged single time at 1 year, you get maximum open resources as well as secure access to the internet from anywhere in the world.

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