Protection of information

VPN access allows you to securely encrypt all traffic from you to anywhere in the world. Your Internet provider and special services will not be able to access the information transmitted and received by you.

Modern Internet

For today, the development of the Network is committed to increasingly encrypting the transmitted data. There are many ways to achieve different degrees of anonymity on the Web, but the most advantageous of them can be identified VPN because such anonymizers as TOR browser, Proxy, different turbo and incognito modes in browsers only inhibit the work on the Internet and do not protect the user 100%.

VPN benefits

The main advantages of using Virtual Private Networks are:

  • Traffic is fully encrypted from the client computer to the server.
  • Internet connection speed does not change significantly
  • The ability to configure the entire home or office network to work with a VPN through a router and use it as usual, while having secure access to all Internet resources with an unlimited number of devices
  • The ability to choose and change the country through which access will be exercised, which guarantees 100% freedom on the web
  • Internet providers

Telecommunications service providers today are under severe pressure from state structures. They are constantly obliged to use all new methods of surveillance of users and are regularly fined for any offence. Our acquaintances who are engaged in providing access to the Internet, told how administrative cases were brought against them for not blocking certain videos on YouTube, so that they decided to completely block the whole YouTube for their users to avoid large fines and other sanctions, to keep licenses and the right to work in this market. Therefore, using VPN is the only common method of connecting to the Internet.


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All your devices under the reliable protection of the encrypted VPN channel within 3 months.


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For only $4.2 per month, charged single time at 1 year, you get maximum open resources as well as secure access to the internet from anywhere in the world.

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