High speeds

We offer a choice of several options for connection. Our servers are located in different countries and are connected to the Internet at maximum speed.

Freedom of choice

For our clients, we have installed servers in all parts of the world: Europe, Asia, USA, Russia. Therefore, you always have the choice to which of them to connect, because in different countries there may be different policies and security locks. For example, RuTracker.org is banned in Russia, OK.ru, VK.com, Mail.ru, Yandex.ru are blocked in Ukraine, Gmail and YouTube are blocked in Tajikistan, users in Kazakhstan cannot visit LiveJournal.com. With us, you will have full access to all resources of the Network without restrictions on resources and speed.

All devices under reliable protection.

You can also connect up to 5 devices from one account, which provides our customers with the greatest convenience and freedom. You will get maximum protection and privacy on all devices, such as work PC, home PC, smartphone, tablet. In addition, you can configure home Wi-Fi to have a secure connection by default for all devices at once.

Future of the Internet

In the future, states will seek to block more and more resources under "plausible excuses," such as "protecting religious children from terrorists." The real reasons for blocking are the whole desire to control the information space in the interests of a narrow circle of people. This contradicts the fundamental idea of the Internet as a means of free dissemination of information and also hinders the full development of society. However, such a policy only leads to the fact that all kinds of anonymizers, special browsers and proxy services are gaining popularity. In addition, there is a growing involvement of users in anonymous networks like darknet or deep web, which can be accessed only through special programs. So in the near future, the entire Internet will move to more encrypted and secure data transmission channels.
Some 5 years ago, the majority of the websites worked using the HTTP protocol, which allowed the security services and other intruders to track traffic. Now, most sites on the Web are already working on a secure HTTPS protocol, which is somehow or other protects users and the information transmitted by them.


19.99 $ /1 month

No discount

Try the quality and advantages of our service for 1 month.


29.99 $ /3 months

55% off

All your devices under the reliable protection of the encrypted VPN channel within 3 months.


39.99 $ /6 months

65% off

No matter where you are, all websites and services are available for you 24/7


49.99 $ /1 year

80% off

For only $4.2 per month, charged single time at 1 year, you get maximum open resources as well as secure access to the internet from anywhere in the world.

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