Access to Netflix around the world

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It may happen that when you try to access Netflix it says “Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet”

Unblock YouTube with VPN

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You may know that if you try to access YouTube when it is blocked, a VPN is the easiest and most reliable method helping you to unblock it, as well as any video hosting websites to watch videos without any restrictions. Let's consider how does Rocket VPN get access to YouTube and other blocked websites

How to unblock Facebook

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Assume you want to access Facebook and it is blocked. It is already widely known that the easiest and most reliable method of unblocking any social network website and accessing it without restrictions and limitations is the use of VPNs. How do they work? Let's consider how RocketVPN provides access to Facebook and other blocked networks.

How to choose VPN protocol

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If security is important for you, L2TP protocol will suit you because of its encryption algorithms under the industry standard. They provide integrity and two-fold information encapsulation. You can use OpenVPN or SothEther to bypass firewalls, restrictions and censorship, as well as to secure Wi-Fi connections and public networks.


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What Makes the Best Cheap VPN Better RocketVPN is the best VPN you can get by paying only $2.49/month (billed for 1 year)

VPN for using torrents

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With RocketVPN, you can download in a private manner, use torrents, share files (P2P) without leaving any traces and having no fear of being monitored Private IP VPN at a high speed of up to 1 Gbps - only $29.99 / month Maintaining no logs


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