What Makes the Best Cheap VPN Better RocketVPN is the best VPN you can get by paying only $2.49/month (billed for 1 year)

What Makes the Best Cheap VPN Better
RocketVPN is the best VPN you can get by paying only $2.49/month (billed for 1 year)

RocketVPN is the Inexpensive VPN with Advanced Features
Surely, you can surf the Internet using a free VPN. But please check all the great features you can get by paying just a dollar per month (a package for 24 months)
or $2.49 if you pay monthly. We guarantee 30 days money back.

Free VPN for 7 days
High Speed of up to 10 Gbps
With our advanced hardware, you can reach shared VPN connection speeds up to 10 Gbps (1 Gbps at RocketVPN Pro plan is guaranteed).

Unlimited VPN
Unlimited bandwidth and VPN servers switching without any throttling.

NAT Firewall and Hotspot WiFi Protection
RocketVPN provides an additional NAT Firewall and Hotspot WiFi protection for your device against hackers making use of loopholes.

Corporate-class 256-bit Encryption
The vast majority of free VPNs provide only standard lower than 128-bit encryption. RocketVPN provides full-scale 256-bit encryption with a 2048-bit key.

Round-the-clock Live Tech Support
Our technical support is available via e-mail, live chat, ticket system. You can also call us or get in touch via the remote desktop upon your request.

6 VPN Protocols
We offer L2TP, IPsec, SSTP, OpenVPN, Softether, and IKEV2 with the most detailed setup manuals for every device.

No Need for Third Party Solutions
RocketVPN deploys our proprietary VPN solution, we developed the software code, control the network and engage our own servers.

No Logs, No DNS Leakage
RocketVPN does not keep any logs, thus we have no possibility to provide them upon request to any third party. RocketVPN DNS also protects you from DNS leakages.

99.5% VPN Network Uptime
RocketVPN servers provide stable operation at a high speed and low latency - its uptime is 96.9%, as compared with free VPN providers.

VPN Network Worldwide
With RocketVPN, you are securely connected on more than 20 VPN locations in ten countries. You can keep in touch online virtually from any place in the world.

Free VPN Applications
RocketVPN offers free VPN apps like SoftEther and OpenVPN, so you may not worry about setting up network parameters yourself.

Simple Native Setup Manuals
RocketVPN offers manuals with screenshots detailing VPN connection configurations for almost every device and VPN protocol.

Unrestricted P2P/Torrent Using
RocketVPN provides you with secure downloading, torrenting, P2P file sharing features without any traces with VPN, so you may not be afraid of being monitored (applies to RocketVPN pro only).

Private IP (Updated and Clean)
You will use the IP address exclusively with dedicated resources (applies to RocketVPN Premium only).

Dedicated VPN Node
A VPN node guarantees you a speed of 1 Gbps and provides over 20 concurrent connections and a personal static IP address allocated to your account (applies to RocketVPN Premium only).

TOR over VPN
TOR over VPN feature provides security to your identity within public networks (applies to RocketVPN Premium only).

Protection from DDoS Attacks
RocketVPN protects you from the most complex DDoS attacks by blocking them (applies to RocketVPN Premium only).

The Fastest Paid VPN Worldwide
RocketVPN is not a VPN inventor, we just adapted it for the needs of the modern broadband VPN connections. Today, we provide the fastest paid VPNs around the world.

Unlimited traffic bandwidth
High speed up to 10 Gbps
Server uptime of 99.5%
Many locations around the world
RocketVPN provides a secure and anonymous connection to over 6000 Internet providers on more than 20 VPN servers in 8 countries.

Live Tech Support Operating 24x7x365
We provide live support by phone and offer remote desktop sessions. Technicians of RocketVPN assist you in configuring, traffic rerouting and other services. It takes no more than 15 minutes for our live RocketVPN tech support representative to respond. Our VPN service offers detailed and easy VPN setup manuals that suit almost every device.

Remote desktop support
Step-by-step screenshots
VPN guides and manuals
Unlimited VPN Service
RocketVPN provides unrestricted VPN connection to any RocketVPN server, anytime.

Unlimited VPN server switching
Unlimited IP address switches
Unlimited bandwidth
No speed throttling
No caps downloading

Best Paid VPN
We offer user-friendly VPN service featuring premium network security at the lowest price in the VPN services market!

Lowest VPN price — starting from 1$ per month
Inexpensive monthly VPN — from only $2.49 per month
An affordable dedicated VPN server with a static IP address — from only $11.00 per month
Subscribe Now and Get Up to 80% Discount
We guarantee 30 days money back. No risks. No unnecessary questions.
The lowest VPN service price — only $2.49 per month (billed for every 12 months)

RocketVPN basic
Save 70%
More than 17 VPN Locations over the World
One of 6000 Shared Dynamic IP Addresses
No Limitations, No Logs
Hotspot WiFi Protection
NAT Firewall
High speed up to 10 Gbps
2 Concurrent Users
Around-the-clock Live Support
30 Days Moneyback
RocketVPN Premium
From 29.99/mo
Save 63%
All the basic features and:
Static Private IP (Clean and Updated IP Address)
P2P / Torrent Capabilities
TOR over VPN
Protection from DDoS Attacks
Dedicated Bandwidth of 1 Gbps
20+ Concurrent Connections
Dedicated Private VPN Node
The following payment methods are accepted:

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